Episode One: Khansaa's Story

Our first episode follows the life of Khansaa, a young woman from Homs currently living in the Beqaa Valley. 

Made with the support of Salam LADC, and NGO working in the Beqaa Valley with Khansaa's community and other like it. You can donate to Salam LADC here.

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Music credits in order:

Lasbet Ma Yeoud Ezzamane by Yousef Tage

Three Kites Circling by Axletree

Semseyemin Ucu Kare with Oud Solo by Haig Manoukian by Orchestra Keyif


Tareek 3teet by Yousef Kekhia And Bisher Hafez

Mawtini by Faia Younan (Lyrics by Ibrahim Toukan, composed by Fleifel Brothers, arranged by Rayan Habre).

Translator: Hassan Choubassi

Assistant: Guillem Jiménez Vilà

Culture consultant: Mohammad Hamoud

Editing team: Jessica Alexander-Lillicrap, Justine Boillat, Stacy Gougoulis, Emma Hett, Laran Matta, Kristen Negrotti, Maria Stacke and Miranda White.

Further thanks to Miguel Ángel Isotta Sanchez and Nicholas Stone.

Writing and production: Jessica Stone.