Episode Two: Abdullah's Story

Our second episode follows the life of Abdullah, a father of nine currently living in the Beqaa Valley. 

Made with the support of Salam LADC, an NGO working in the Beqaa Valley with Khansaa's community and other like it. You can donate to Salam LADC here.

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Music credits in order:

Creeping Glass by Axletree

Amor é odio by Nuno Adelaida

teeth wrapped in tissue by ALPHAMALE

Ya Rayah by Banda Comunale & Internationale

F. Meridian by Nuno Adelaida

Farewell by Amr Ezz

Ya Souria Zalane Malak by Youssef Tage

teeth wrapped in tissue by ALPHAMALE

Intro by The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians

Lost Memories by Rocco Granata

Translators: Hassan Choubassi & Wael Yassin

Assistant: Justine Boillat

Further thanks to Miguel Ángel Isotta Sanchez and Piers Scholfield.

Writing and production: Jessica Stone.